First Vision SF50 Service Center in Europe

General Enterprises Maintenance

Protect your investment in your Cirrus, Eclipse or Diamond with our professional help. For regularly scheduled maintenance and needed repairs, choose General Enterprises. We are qualified, experienced and certified in all matters of Cirrus, Eclipse or Diamond engine and airframe maintenance and repair. Also we are Europe’s leading Cirrus Platinum Partner and authorized Service Center. Whether you need a simple tyre change or factory-authorized installation or service, General Enterprise will accommodate. With each visit, we will identify all applicable SB's and advise you which are factory-mandated and which are of an optional nature.

When convenient we can offer a Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service. You fly in, and we'll drop you off at your home field and pick you up when your service is completed.  

Services Offered

  • Full warranty service
  • Air conditioning service
  • CAPS overhaul/replacement
  • Composite & paint repair
  • Full avionics facility
  • Oxygen service
  • Maintenance management service
  • CAMO
  • Pickup & Delivery Service
  • N# and EASA# registration service
  • Parts distribution

And more!

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Henk will help you with your questions!

Henk Oosterveen is our Maintenance Manager and he will help you with all your questions.

You can get in contact with Henk by phone, just call +31(0)503096060 or use the form to send him a message.

(Phone and Skype are only available during business hours)

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