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Cirrus Sales & Service bv

In late 1999 we imported the first Cirrus (SR20) in to Europe. Since then we have imported over 500 factory new and pre-owned SR20 & SR22(T) Models to Europe.

Cirrus Sales & Service is one of the main dealers of Cirrus Aircraft in Europe, currently we service 250 aircraft and have performed over 325 Cirrus-CAPS replacements. We are located at Eelde Airport (EHGG) in The Netherlands.

We provide Cirrus services such as

  • Flight training
  • Maintenance
  • Avionics maintenance and updates
  • Pre-buy inspections
  • Purchase assistance in new or pre-owned Cirrus Aircraft
  • After purchase service
  • Ferry contracts
  • Insurance
  • Registry and financing 


Are you interested in a SR20, SR22, Turbo or the Jet?

Take a closer look at the brochures and pricelists, you'll find them under factory new Cirrus. You might also want to check out our current pre-owned offers.


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