Technical Upgrades
by General Enterprises

Enjoy an entirely new level of flying experience with our in-depth selection of superior upgrades designed to keep your aircraft running at its absolute best.  

General Enterprises brings the most advanced safety, convenience and technology upgrades available directly to Cirrus owners. Ensure your Cirrus aircraft is equipped to impress both pilot and passengers with the robust catalog of enhancements available through Cirrus Direct Upgrades. 

Technical Upgrades

Beringer Brakes

The new Performance Braking system is a high-performance, double-caliper brake system with tubeless tires that enables owners to experience a new level of convenience, reliability and braking performance.

CIES Digital Fuel Gauges

CiES fuel level senders are a physical bolt in replacement for Cirrus Aircraft fuel quantity senders. 

LED Lighting

Lightweight and intensely bright, the LED high-visibility wingtip light makes your plane more visible, providing increased safety in high- traffic areas like the airport environment. 

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