Interior Upgrades
by General Enterprises

Have your aircraft seats and furniture taken a bit of a battering? Has it been left tattered, torn and stretched? We understand how precious your aircraft is to you - which is why we want to help you to turn your aircraft's furniture into something you can really be proud of

Are the seats looking a little faded, scuffed, scratched, flat, discoloured or definitely worn in? Over time, things like the sun, physical conditions and spills can make the look of your aircraft age too quickly. We have extensive knowledge and expertise to revive your upholstery. We have a wide choice of materials available which can be suited to your needs. 

Our team is available to either refurbish your seats with factory new leather or choose a design of your choice. 

Dreaming of making your aircraft as good as new?

Interior Services

Interior Design & Upholstery 

Let our team design new seats or install factory new seats. Refurbishments are handmade with with certified materials.

Stitching Refurbishment

Have the stitches of your aircraft discolored or are they torn and stretched. Our team will assist in installing new stitching at the color of your choice.

Armrest Refurbishment

Your armrest is one of the most intense used parts of your aircraft interior. We can replace or refurbish the midconsole with fabrics and colors of your choice.

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