Cleaning Services

Nothing beats the feeling of flying a brand new aircraft home from the dealership. Over the months and miles of flying, however, the exterior of your aircraft will get subjected to dirt, dust, and other forms of debris. To keep your aircraft looking great, it is a fantastic idea to visit General Enterprises for a wash. With the assistance of your exterior aircraft cleaning professionals, you can receive a hi-end aircraft wash that will make your aircraft look brand new again. 

When you receive a wash and wax for your aircraft, you will also be able to protect the exterior paint job. A coat of wax will provide a protective surface between your aircraft’s paint and the elements. By taking the time to apply a fresh coat of wax at regular intervals, you can go a long ways towards protecting your beautiful paint job.

Cleaning Services


In order to maintain the paintwork of your aircraft our specialists only use high quality and aviation approved materials to wash and clean the exterior of your aircraft.


Polishing your aircraft assures a sustainable protection of your aircraft exterior. 

Interior Cleaning

Whether you’ve stored it or flew it throughout the year, your airplane may be in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. Our team brings out the vacuum to suck up the dirt, cleans the instrument panel and uses a protective cleaner to ensure the good condition of the leather.

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