Exterior Upgrades
by General Enterprises

Insects, weather and bird droppings are just a few enemies of aircraft paint. If the paint of your aircraft is scratched lightly or heavily, our experts can restore it to the original condition. Our options in exterior are almost limitless. Work with our designer to create something spectacular or use an original Cirrus design. You'll receive detailed design proofs of the highest standard, which will be replicated on the aircraft exactly as you see them.

During the delivery process, we will conduct and on-ground functionality test with our mechanics to ensure safe operation of the aircraft. 


Exterior Services

Exterior Design & Repainting

We specialize in high quality aircraft restorations and restore your aircraft to a better than new finish. Do you have an idea for a design? Let our team work with you to create a design which is approved by Cirrus Aircraft. 

Damage Repairs 

Has your aircraft suffered damage? We have got long-term experience with the inspection, assessment and rectification of aircraft damage and repairs for many EASA-/FAA-registered Cirrus Aircraft types. If your aircraft  is nonvolant or cannot be transported otherwise, we will take care of an appropriate aircraft recovery.


Has the striping of your aircraft worn our over the years? Let our team refurbish your original striping or replace the striping with one of Cirrus Aircraft' standard designs.

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