Cirrus SF50 G2 2-FEEL

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Now including a type rating worth US$ 25.000!  Beat the queue and climb to FL310 tomorrow! This low-hours and well maintained SF50 G2 Elite comes with all the options and packages that you look for in a Very Light Jet, enabling you to operate efficiently and comfortably in busy airspace. The Generation 2 of this award winning aircraft comes equipped with Autothrottle and SafeReturn/Autoland capability.


  • Williams JF33-5A (1846 lbs Thrust) 
  • Dual Channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)
  • Cirrus Airframe Parachute System™ (CAPS)
  • Certified Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI)
  • Pressurized Cabin
  • Dual Side Yoke with Stall Protection Stick Shaker & Pusher
  • Autothrottle
  • Trailing-Link Landing Gear
  • Intelligent Batteries
  • Elite Configuration includes:
    • Enhanced Awareness Package
    • Pro Pilot Package
    • Premium Luxury Package
    • Productivity and Experience Package
    • Connectivity Package


  • Cirrus Perspective Touch™ by Garmin® Cockpit
  • 14” High Resolution Displays PFD/MFD
  • 3 Landscape Touchscreen Controllers
  • PFD/MFD Multifunction Windows
  • Dual WAAS/EGNOS GPS/Comm/Nav Radios
  • Complete Aircraft System Symoptics Display
  • Dual AHRS, ADC & Pitot Static
  • 3rd AHRS, ADC
  • All-digital Audio Panel
  • NextGen Garmin Integrated Mode-S Transponder (ADS-B Out)
  • ADS-B In Weather and Traffic
  • Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)
  • Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP)
  • Enhanced Garmin GFC700 Autopilot featuring Fully Coupled Approaches w/ Vertical Guidance, TOGA (Go Around) Button, Flight Level Change (FLC), Vertical Navigation VNV, Blue Level Button, Emergency Descend Mode, Autopilot Stall Protection and Overspeed Protection, Flight Director and Flight Path Marker
  • Chart View (compatible with Jeppesen IFR/VFR Approach Plates)
  • Traffic Avoidance System (TCAS-1)
  • TAWS-B Terrain & Obstacle Awareness
  • Digital Real Time Weather Radar
  • Autothrottle
  • Flight Stream 510 Connectivity
  • 406 MHz ELT
  • Garmin Global Connect w/Datalink Weather & Satellite Phone
  • FliteCharts & Safe Taxi
  • Electronic Manuals
  • Co-Pilot Quick Donning Mask & 40 cu. ft Aluminium Lined Cylinder


  • Exterior Snow White with Corso Red
  • Premium Leather Interior
  • Family Seating Configuration with Center Console
  • 6th & 7th XC Seats
  • Enhanced Interior Lighting
  • Textured Fabrics
  • Air Conditioning with Authomatic Climate Control
  • Interior Sound Reduction
  • Enhanced Dimmable Interior Lighting
  • USB Power Ports
  • 22" Entertainment Display
  • 115 VAC Power
  • Gold Reflective Windshield & Cabin Windows
  • Audio Entertainment
  • Wi-Fi Groundlink


  • Fits inside Standard 40 ft (12,2 m) Hangar
  • Cargo X-Tend™
  • 300 lb Baggage Capacity
  • SafeReturn and Autoland Equipped
  • Full history available
  • Always hangared
  • Complete Logbooks
  • 3.532 Lb Basic Empty Weight
  • No Damage History
  • Owner includes a SF50 type rating worth US$ 25.000


  • CAPS Repack due 2029
  • Aircraft is being operated under Cirrus Jetstream Concierge Service, paid until 09/2024

All specifications subject to verification by purchaser upon inspection, withdrawal from market without prior notice.

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Some figures

Brand Cirrus Aircraft
Model SF50 Vision Jet Generation 2
Avionics Cirrus Perspective Touch
Year 2019 / January
Hours 330 TT
Serial 0120
Tail no 2-FEEL


Price $ 2.850.000
ex. 19% VAT where applicable

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