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In a world where overstatement and exaggeration are commonplace, few products genuinely create disruptive innovation. Cirrus Aircraft, starting as little more than a boyhood dream in a Wisconsin barn, can truly lay claim to having revolutionized an industry. Refusing to accept the aviation standard of design that was mired in the past, the Cirrus co-founders dismissed the status quo and reinvented the idea of personal transportation.

Using advanced materials and technologies, Cirrus created an aircraft that was safer, faster and more comfortable than any personal aircraft had ever been. The clean-sheet, breakthrough design incorporated a comfortable interior worthy of a luxury automobile, a multi-function instrument display to provide faster access to better information and the remarkable, life-saving Cirrus Airframe Parachute System®, a first for a certified, production aircraft.

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Owning a Cirrus aircraft is an invitation to enhance your business and enrich your personal life. It means closing the deal in person and making it home for dinner, or enjoying a last-minute getaway high above the traffic. No matter your destination, the Cirrus Life is all about living in the present. Whether you’re buying your first SR Series or stepping up to the Vision Jet, every Cirrus aircraft is designed with the pilot and passenger in mind to ensure an aviation experience that is the pinnacle of innovation, quality and safety.



Cirrus Perspective Touch+ includes larger, more-colorful displays and offers three times more resolution making them ideal for vie.wing charts, managing your flight plan, or keeping an eye on the weather. The new split-screen capability on the PFD and MFD simultaneously provides up to three separate windows to present all the information you need while in flight.  

Responsive, icon-based “touch keys” provide quick access to flight planning, mapping, procedures, audio controls, synoptic pages and more. Shallow menus ensure every function you need and returning to the home screen are only a few taps away. Wireless Bluetooth® connectivity enables quick transfer of flight plan and weather information and convenient data updates via a mobile device.

Ultra high speed processors support enhanced safety features like SurfaceWatch and animated NEXRAD radar. Couple this with luxury automotive inspired Cirrus Spectre™ wingtip lighting and it’s easy to see why the G7 is the smartest, safest, most innovative piston aircraft available today.

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