EASA IR Flighttraining

Since one month we have started a co-operation with EFTC, an Authorized Training Organization (ATO). This collaboration allows us to give you instruction on a Cirrus to get your pilot licence or expand your licence with ratings such as CB-IR (Competency Based – Instrument Rating), EIR (Enroute Instrument Rating) or PBN (Performance Based Navigation). So if you are:

  • Taking your first-ever trial lesson on a Cirrus
  • Interested in getting your EASA PPL license on a/your Cirrus
  • Interested in getting your EASA (CB-)IR or EIR license on a/your Cirrus
  • 'Converting' a non-EASA pilot licence to an EASA pilot license on a/your Cirrus

We can provide all the training you need.




Our CB-IR Training teaches a PPL (A) or CPL (A) holder up to the point that he or she is skilled enough to obtain an IR (A) rating. The CB-IR is a different route towards an IR (A). The course is especially designed for pilots that do not pursue a career in the major aviation industry (ATPL). If getting your ATPL is your end goal, it is recommended to follow regular ATPL theory training. The CB-IR course contains 10 hours less actual training than the regular IR (A). It is possible to start with your training at the same time you start with your theory. Our CB-IR flight training is skills and competency based. This route is ideal for pilots that want to fly under Instrument Flight Rules safely and do not want to continue towards major aviation.

CB-IR enables you to

  • Fly through Airspace classes A and B
  • Make (CAT I) approaches
  • Take flight on Airways LO + HI

You will be trained by a recognized IR instructor. You’ll enjoy professional training from a trainer with extensive knowledge of the requirements that are set for this CB-IR (A) course.

CB-IR Information

  • 40 hours Single Engine, partly possible on the simulator. 10 hours need to be completed at an ATO-facility;
  • Timeframe: depending on circumstances
  • Transfer of your Cirrus to the ATO;
  • Pre-entry check (mandatory by EASA regulation);
  • Syllabus;
  • Progress tests;
  • Exam training;
  • Exam.

CB-IR requirements

  • JAA / EASA PPL (A) or CPL (A);
  • Theoretical training;
  • Night rating (if you also want to fly IFR at night);
  • IFR RT License;
  • LPE Level 4;
  • 50 hours’ cross-country as a Pilot in Command;
  • Minimum Age: 18 years.

Theory subjects

  • Instruments
  • Flight Planning
  • Meteorology
  • Human Performance & Limitations
  • Aviation Law
  • Radio Navigation
  • IFR Communications

Since we have a cooperation with EFTC, it is possible to train the majority of the flight training course on their CB-IR Training AL250 Simulator.


The Enroute Instrument Rating (EIR)


The Enroute Instrument-Rating (EIR) enables you to fly enroute with Instrument Meteorological Conditions during flight. It might be a suitable step for pilots that have achieved their Private Pilot’s License (PPL). All departures and arrivals must be under VFR conditions. Included in EIR the training is:

  • 15 hours of flight training at an ATO facility;
  • Transfer of your Cirrus to the ATO;
  • Pre-entry check (mandatory by EASA regulation);
  • Syllabus;
  • Exam training;
  • Exam;




In addition to the CBIR and EIR, we also offer Performance Based Navigation (PBN)-training. This training will include theory and simulator training. The training will take approximately one day. Price for this training is € 799, - incl. VAT. 

Feel free to contact us to tailor a course to your needs.

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