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Power plant and Airframe Differences

Perhaps you have upgraded from an SR20 to an SR22 or even an SR22T. The Power plant and Airframe Differences course is designed to build upon the Cirrus-specific knowledge and experiences you have amassed while focusing on:

  • Operational differences between power-plants and airframes including performance and handling differences,
  • High-altitude flight if upgrading to a turbo or turbo-normalized engine,
  • Engine management for all phases of flight,
  • Developing a solid foundation of aircraft systems knowledge highlighting the power plant and electrical power generation,
  • Managing a higher performance aircraft,
  • Landing and maneuvering your new aircraft safely, consistently and confidently.

• Note •

Typical course duration is one day.
Please contact Steven Middendorp for more information
Phone.: +31 50 309 60 60


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