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Chute happens - Live with it!

Due to some tragic weather-related accidents we decided to bring the following to your attention:

With the increased capabilities of a Cirrus aircraft, operators are now able to safely accomplish missions that were traditionally reserved for more experienced career/professional pilots. Risk increases as pilots choose to fly extended distances with the possibility of encountering multiple weather systems and navigation through complex and unfamiliar airspace and terrain.
A systematic, proactive, and ongoing approach to training is needed to ensure pilots are proficient and capable of accomplishing these missions safely.

We urge you to do a critical evaluation of your pilot skills and ability to comprehend the complex flying environment and:

• Review available documentation about your aircraft and it’s safety features and systems (CAPS!).
• Review regulatory requirements about weather minima, alternate and fuel requirements
• Review IFR departure, en-route and approach criteria and procedures
• Practice under supervision of a CFII

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